About us

We may not get to meet you all face to face, but we would like you to know us and why we do what we do...

  • You won't find any other teams apparel on this site, we are all about the Clemson Tigers.  We are the type of fans that hang on the edge of our seats for each play, and know the chills that run up your back with the Tigers are about to take the field.
  • We have been in the apparel and printing business for over 2 decades and we have been Tiger fans since we were born.  To be honest for some of us that was a long time ago...lol!
  • A little about the Team that is behind the PAWLIFE! Brand?
    • We have a great team of Tigers here to serve you.  From Born and Bred Tigers, to Tiger Alumni, we are Tiger Fans through and through.  We have Tigers that were there for the 1981 National Championship Football Season and before, to Tigers that are currently in Grad School at Clemson University on our Team.  
    • The Brand PAWLIFE! was initially thought of by that current Clemson Grad Student 4 years ago.  We have taken our time to think through this brand, and are excited to be sharing it with the rest of Tiger Nation.
  • Contact us anytime by:
    • Email - customerservice@pawlifestore.com
    • Phone - 864.633.0557
  • Find us on Social Media for Promotions and occasionally free stuff. Just search pawlifestore to find us.